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Post  Glyza :) on Mon Jun 16, 2008 2:59 am

Hi All,

How are we? Well I was just cleaning my room today and then started cleaning out my closet (as eminem would say) and then thought about where I would put all of my old stuff. SO THEN I thought, maybe I could just give away all my old clothes, shoes, bags, toys, etc (that are still good) to people who are actually in need of these things.

What do you guys think of a massive YFC Closet Cleaning? It's a win-win situation because at least we'll get rid of any things that are taking up space and creating mess AND at the same time we may be helping out someone in need or even a whole family!

If anyone's interested or has any information about donation places please let me know... so hopefully we can do it before WYD true? That's all!

Gly |Smile

P.S: Also... If you have any other ideas to help society (e.g. volunteer work or visiting those who may need some cheering up) please feel free to post up your ideas and try to make it creative/interesting... just make sure you research into it and then post up your propsal to make planning easier. Thanks all!!!
Glyza :)
Glyza :)

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